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White Paper - Neutral Air Units with Heat Pipes
Design Strategy - DOAS Unit with Neutral Air
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White Paper - Neutral Air Units with Heat Pipes


Dehumidification Heat Pipes (DHP™) provides an ideal solution to supplement or even remove the reheat required when designing a DOAS system with neutral air.  Applications include hotels, dormitories, offices, and other facilities in areas in which there is little to no sensible load. Delivering cold supply air would result in over cooling the space which results in reheat being required.  ASHRAE Standard 90.1 does not allow for cooling and reheating in the same air stream.  However, an exception is made when reheat is used from site recovered energy such as the wrap around heat pipe. 


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Design Strategy - DOAS Unit with Neutral Air

This video will walk users through how to design a wrap around heat pipe on SelectPlus™ with a DOAS

HPT SelectPlus™ - Design Strategy - HPT SelectPlus™ - Design Strategy - Enhancing Energy Recovery with IEC

Tunit outputting neutral air.  This design strategy discusses how to select the wrap around by examining the economic analysis at various part load conditions.  Adding control valves to the wrap around (DHP-C™) allows users to increase the number of rows, and in turn, stage performance at the design condition. This strategy will greatly reduce the need for supplemental reheat at the part load conditions.  The design can be modeled on SelectPlus™, which will allow users to output the savings using the advanced economic analysis feature in the software. 


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