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Designing a Passive Energy Recovery Heat Pipe


Exporting Your Project Schedule

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Designing a Passive Energy Recovery Heat Pipe

Outputting Project Reports & Submittals


Energy Recovery Heat Pipes provide economical and reliable recovery during both heating and cooling seasons.  HPT uses a Heat Loop design, where the "pumping" of the working fluid is achieved not only by the difference of temperature between the two air streams, but also by the temperature differential between rows in the same air stream. 

In SelectPlus, users have the ability to design their energy recovery heat pipe at various temperature conditions.  The software also allows users to model heat pipe performance with evaporative cooling for summer conditions, and model frost control for winter conditions.  Advanced Economic Analysis is available to all users.  It has the capability to calculate accurate savings with inputs available from weather bin data, and run time hours.

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Exporting Your Project Schedule


Copying Selections in Your Project


SelectPlus has a feature that summarizes your design conditions for multiple selections in a concise schedule format.  It will export as an excel document, in which a user can easily copy and paste their selections into the main project schedule.  This feature is available for both wrap
around and heat recovery selections.  


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