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HPT for Healthcare Facilities

Benefits of Heat Pipes for Healthcare Facilities

Benefits of Heat Pipes for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities present a unique opportunity for energy recovery. The 24/7/365 operation, and the higher ventilation requirements, provide a huge opportunity for reclaiming meaningful amounts of energy from exhaust air. This energy, which facilities have already paid to condition and is therefore “free,” can be used to either pre-cool or pre-heat incoming makeup air, depending on the season.
This free energy comes with a challenge. The exhaust air can be potentially contaminated with whatever is present in a hospital environment. So, it is paramount that supply air and exhaust air not come in close contact, which may happen with other energy recovery devices. Heat pipes do not rotate between supply and exhaust air. There is a solid separation between the air streams, so they never touch, even though they exchange energy. Moreover, AHRI test reports (see below) show zero EATR (Exhaust Air Transfer Rates). This makes heat pipes ideal for environments where contaminated exhaust air is a risk. To add to the attractive features of HPT heat pipes, they have no moving parts, a small footprint, and they can be designed for either equal calls for cool and heat recovery or optimizing thermal recovery in the season that matters more, while still allowing for appreciable recovery in the other season. This maks heat pipes the energy recovery device of choice for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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Configurations of Energy Recovery Heat Pipes:



HRM-Z™ (A)
Winter (Heat) Recovery Optimized




HRM-Z™ (B)
Summer (Cool) Recovery Optimized




Equal Cool & Heat Recovery




Cool Only or Heat Only Recovery