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Heat Pipe Technology

Adds Ten New Dealer Representatives

HPT Now Has 51 Reps in 95 North American Offices, Plus Five Overseas Reps

Tampa, FL - September 12, 2013 - Heat Pipe Technology (HPT) a division of MiTek® Industries, a Berkshire Hathaway company (nyse: brk-a, nyse: brk-b), today announced that it has added ten new dealer "reps" in just over a year's time. The new HPT reps add to the Company's expansive representative network, which now totals 95 reps in North America alone.

Four new reps were just added in multiple Texas markets, including HTS Dallas, HTS Houston, HTS Austin, and HTS San Antonio. HPT also added Trane in New Mexico, and two California representatives: DMG, Los Angeles and Custom Mechanical Sales, San Diego. ThermalNetics was added in Michigan and in Oregon, HPT added Air Reps LLC. In Pennsylvania, H.C. Nye from Harrisburg also joined HPT. (HPT has five overseas dealer reps in five separate offices.)

The reps will work to sell and implement two types of HPT's solutions, including HPT's passive dehumidification systems, which offer a remarkably simple way to lower humidity levels, while avoiding the need to overcool or reheat air for general use and process applications in buildings, and HPT's energy recovery heat pipes, which offer economical and reliable recovery of energy from building exhaust air to preheat and / or precool ventilation air.

"Our market presence is constantly expanding, and we are regularly fielding inquiries from dealer reps that want to work with our industry-leading technology," explained HPT's Maz Awad. "Our reps find that our passive dehumidification heat pipe and energy recovery solutions are increasingly easy to place in enterprise HVAC systems, in large part because we can quickly improve indoor air quality and demonstrate how our clients save great sums of money."

About Heat Pipe Technology

Heat Pipe Technology, a division of MiTek®, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is the innovation leader in passive energy recovery and dehumidification systems for commercial and industrial applications around the globe. Employing the very latest in passive-heat-transfer technology, Heat Pipe Technology designs and supplies the core energy recovery technologies to the world's leading commercial air-handling equipment manufacturers. More info:

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