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Erickson Living Installs HPT’s Passive Dehumidification Systems, Saving Thousands on the Cost of Reheating AC Output Air

HPT Saves Client $14,000 Per Building Per Year in HVAC Costs. Total Investment Is Recovered in Less Than Two Cooling Seasons

Tampa, FL – August 13, 2013 – Heat Pipe Technology (HPT) a division of MiTek® Industries, a Berkshire Hathaway company (nyse: brk-a, nyse: brk-b), today announced that its recent implementation of HPT’s “passive dehumidification” heat pipe systems at Erickson Living’s Oak Crest senior-living community (Baltimore, MD) has achieved remarkable cost and energy savings.

Before HPT implemented its heat pipe systems, Erickson Living had faced a costly challenge when conditioning the air on its multi-story buildings. HVAC units that Erickson Living installed brought in 50% outside makeup air. However, due to the natural high humidity in the Baltimore area, the outside air had to be overcooled to extract enough moisture to make to suitable for use in residential and work spaces. As a result, the conditioned, dehumidified air had to be reheated for use, even in Summer. This cost $2,300 per year, per floor of each Erickson Living building. Erickson Living is now able to eliminate those costs through the installation of HPT’s wrap-around heat pipe systems, which have no moving parts and cost nothing to operate.

The average savings per building per year for Erikson Living is projected to be $14,000. Since the total installed cost of HPT’s systems are $22,000 per building, full ROI for Erickson can be achieved in less than two cooling seasons, with ongoing savings adding up year after year.

A wrap-around passive dehumidifier heat pipe system occupies a place on both sides of an HVAC cooling coil,” explained HPT’s Maz Awad. “On the warm side, HPT’s heat pipes are in place for pre-cooling incoming air. And on the cool side, where the air was being reheated, HPT’s solutions use the heat recovered from the incoming air to warm up the conditioned air for use, thereby avoiding the energy cost required to reheat air.”

About Heat Pipe Technology

Heat Pipe Technology, a division of MiTek®, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is the innovation leader in passive energy recovery and dehumidification systems for commercial and industrial applications around the globe. Employing the very latest in passive-heat-transfer technology, Heat Pipe Technology designs and supplies the core energy recovery technologies to the world’s leading commercial air-handling equipment manufacturers. More info:

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