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Heat Pipe Technology Releases

SelectPlus™ Design Software

SelectPlus™ is a Cloud-Based Platform for Heat Pipe Design, Pricing, Drawing Creation, and Plan Submittal

Tampa, FL - January 21, 2014 - Heat Pipe Technology (HPT) a division of MiTek® Industries, a Berkshire Hathaway company (nyse: brk-a, nyse: brk-b), today announced that it has released a highly integrated new software program called SelectPlus™. Designed with the latest cloud-based technology, HPT's SelectPlus addresses the needs of three HPT constituencies: HPT Representatives who market and help specify HPT solutions; Design Engineers who design and specify HPT solutions; and Original Equipment Manufacturers who manufacture air-handling equipment with the latest HPT energy recovery and dehumidification solutions.

Serving as an integrated cloud-based platform, SelectPlus directly assists with heat pipe design and heat pipe pricing, including the ability to create engineering drawings and enable required document submittals. Whether the SelectPlus user is an HPT Representative, a Design Engineer, or an OEM, they will be able to access workflow processes that are central to their roles in the design, specification, and installation of HPT solutions. These capabilities include the selection of Dehumidification Heat Pipes (DHP™s) and Recovery Heat Pipes (HRM™s) and the ability to calculate the Recovery Efficiency Ratio (RER) to determine true net savings.

A special feature of SelectPlus allows users to input "hours of operation," for super-accurate savings analysis. SelectPlus also enables communication with engineers affiliated with specific projects. Design engineers will also enjoy SelectPlus' ability to generate dimensional drawings and help select HPT systems for direct-expansion and chilled-water systems.

SelectPlus is a huge leap forward for HPT, and it will enable collaboration and ease-of-use for our affiliated professionals, whether they are engineers, OEMs, or members of our global rep network," said HPT's Maz Awad. "What's more, SelectPlus is cloud-based, so our affiliated professionals can access extraordinary engineering and design capabilities through any internet connection. Contact us directly for more information at"

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Heat Pipe Technology, a division of MiTek®, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is the innovation leader in passive energy recovery and dehumidification systems for commercial and industrial applications around the globe. Employing the very latest in passive-heat-transfer technology, Heat Pipe Technology designs and supplies the core energy recovery technologies to the world's leading commercial air-handling equipment manufacturers. More info:

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