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HPT Products Updates

This webinar covers HPT technology updates and improvements. The topics covered are:

  • Split passive energy recovery heat pipes - new design guidelines with improved performance
  • New enhanced performance wrap arounds
  • New guidelines on controllable wrap arounds using far fewer valves
  • Increased gap width between air streams and increased fin length for certain energy recovery heat pipes
  • Other miscellaneous improvements and advancements


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HPT Case study

HPT Products Feaatures and Updates in SelectPlus

This webinar is part of our SelectPlus™ Design Software series, with a focus on new updates for the Wrap-Around (DHP) and Energy Recovery (HRM) products. The topics include:

  • What is the new optimized DHP
  • New HRM and DHP design changes and updated parameters
  • Selection examples of each model
  • Other helpful tips and shortcuts


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