HPTTM products have been used successfully in a variety of HVAC design applications over the past 35 years for energy recovery and passive dehumidification ranging from fan coils to very large commercial applications.

Heat Pipe Model HRM




HRM™ Series Energy Recovery heat pipes

Side-by-side optimized energy recovery. Passive operation and no cross-contamination.

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Heat Pipe Model DHP

DHP™ Series Wrap-around HEAT  PIPES

Passive humidity reduction, improved IAQ, precool and reheat savings.

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Heat Pipe Model HRM-V


HRM-V™ Split-Passive HEAT PIPE System

Passive energy recovery when side-by-side is not possible.  Up to 120 ft separation.





HRM-P™ SMART wATER-gLYCOL Energy Recovery System

Pumped energy recovery for longer distances. Integrated controls package.