HPT Heat Pipe Engineering Specifications

Dehumidifier Heat Pipes
(DHP™) Engineering Specifications

Air Handler(s) or Packaged Air Conditioning Equipment shall be equipped with Dehumidifier Heat Pipes supplied by Heat Pipe Technology, Inc. to precool the return/outside air and reheat the supply air in a wrap-around configuration.

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Heat Recovery Module Heat Pipes
(HRM™) Engineering Specifications

Air-to-air Energy Recovery Heat Pipes to be supplied by HPT to exchange heat/cooling between two air streams for summer and winter operation.

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Split Passive Heat Recovery Module Heat Pipes 
(HRM-V™) Engineering Specifications

Site or factory installed energy recovery heat pipes HRM-V™ model with modulating control valves.

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Smart™ Runaround Glycol Air-To-Air Energy Recovery System 
(HRM-P™) Engineering Specifications

A pre-packaged and skidded heat recovery system.

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