White Paper - A Primer on Recovery Efficiency Ratio (RER)

The Recovery Efficiency Ratio (RER) was introduced by AHRI in 2003 as Guideline V.  It is defined as "the energy recovered divided by the energy expended in the recovery process".  This ratio links the energy saved with the energy required to obtain that savings.  It takes into account often ignored peripheral energy consumers that are necessary to obtain the saved energy.  These may include pressure drop, wheel drive motor, purge losses, and glycol pumps.  However, since heat pipes do not require any peripheral energy devices, their RER can be defined as the BTUH transferred divided by the airside pressure drop.

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SelectPlus™ - Economic Analysis for Wrap Around Heat Pipe (DHP™)

This video will walk users through the advanced economic analysis feature in SelectPlus ™.

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 It will focus on the Dehumidification Heat Pipe (DHP™); illustrating how to fine tune your analysis by selecting specific hours and months for accurate savings.  Users will be able to edit power rates and types to further adjust the savings output.  The year round recovery efficiency ratio (RER) is also calculated based on the DHP™ and region selected.

August 2015 - In This Issue:

White Paper - A Primer on Recovery Efficiency Ratio (RER)

SelectPlus - Economic Analysis for Wrap Around Heat Pipe (DHP™)

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