HPT to Exhibit at the AHR 2017 Expo In Las Vegas, NV

Heat Pipe Technology, Inc. will be exhibiting at the AHR 2017 Expo January 30th through February 1st at the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth no. C5434.This year's expo will include over 60,000 HVAC professionals and 2000 exhibitors who will showcase the latest products from around the world.

Please stop by our booth to view our latest literature, live demos of our leading energy recovery and wrap-around products, as well as other new developments at HPT. Click on the link below for more information.

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HPT Recently Announced the Release of a New Product within the Energy Recovery Line and Upcoming Certification

This year starts off with the unveiling of a new product known as the HRM-Z™. In many cases, depending on the application and where the project is located, one season of recovery offers considerably more savings than the other. With that in mind, HPT has introduced an Optimized HRM™ (Model HRM-Z™), which has been designed to maximize performance during the season that matters most. The adjusted HRM-H™ performance will still provide a similar effectiveness during both heating and cooling modes, but the HRM-Z™ may be the best option when heating mode energy savings outweigh cooling mode savings, or vice versa.

Not only did HPT release a new product to the market, but we are alsoaiming to provide AHRI certification on our heat recovery line, as well as offering DLLs to our valued OEM's who wish to implement our SelectPlus™ capabilities into their own software. We hope to have certification and DLLs by mid-2017. For more info, please follow the link below.

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*Update* HPT Recently Shipped Several Wrap-Around and Energy Recovery Heat Pipes to an Overseas Casino Resort

HPT recently shipped several wrap-around and energy recovery heat pipes for the third phase of a casino complex located in South East Asia. The units for the first and second phases of this project were shipped out in September 2016 and we expect a fourth and final phase later this year. Our heat recovery heat pipes were the product of choice for this casino environment due to cross-contamination concerns of the outside air with smoke laden exhaust air and no moving parts. Updates on the fourth phase of this project to follow in future editions of Solutions Newsletter...

SelectPlus™ Online Software - Selecting Our New Optimized HRM-Z™ Model and New Submittal Feature

This video covers how to select our newly released product known as the HRM-Z™. Some examples are shown when selecting a unit that is optimized for heating or optimized for cooling. Additionally, the video covers a new feature that allows users to select individual line items within the project schedule screen when outputting a submittal. Click on the link below to watch the video.

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September 2017 - In This Issue:

HPT Will Be Exhibiting at AHR 2017 Expo in Las Vegas!!

HRM-Z™ New Product Release and Upcoming AHRI Certification

*Update* Recently Shipped Several Units to an Overseas Casino

New SelectPlus™ Video: Selecting an HRM-Z™ and New Feature for Submittals

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