*NEW* Case Study: Major Tampa Hospital Enhances Operating Room Cooling Systems With Controllable Wrap-Around Heat Pipes

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A major hospital in the Tampa Bay area recently added OR & IR additions to their facilities.  During the design phase, the hospital looked for ways to implement the latest energy savings technologies to allow for accurate control, achieve lower dew points, in addition to lowering their overall operating costs.  

HPT presented a solution centered around the controllable wrap around dehumidification heat pipe (DHP-C™).  This technology uses a phase change to precool the outside air before entering the cooling coil, and reheat the air after the cooling coil.  This in turn freed up capacity for the cooling coil to allow for a lower dew point, as well as reducing the energy required for reheat.  

These systems were also equipped with normally open solenoid valves on every circuit.  This allowed for the heat pipe to be sized to provide the desired reheat the majority of the year. At peak design temperatures, the valves could be staged off to accurately control the amount of reheat.  

Two AHUs sized to deliver 36,000 CFM, utilized a 2 row controllable wrap around heat pipe.  This in turn reduced the cooling load by 20% and provided 7 F of free reheat!

Recently Shipped - HPT Retrofits Three Large Factory Installed Wrap-Around Heat Pipes to a Multinational Consumer Goods Company


Unilever is a British-Dutch consumer goods company, with products that include food, beverage, cleaning agents and personal care products.  Currently, they are ranked the 3rd  largest consumer goods company in the world. This project was part of the $99 million capital investment in the Independence, MO facility. The Independence facility processes wet foods, which includes major brand names from around the country. 

Jeff Dollar, an HPT representative with ElitAire came across this opportunity as the facility had critical humidity level requirements.  He worked with an engineer in which multiple iterations were completed with the wrap-around heat pipe. The alternative solution was using a dedicated OA unit with liquid desiccant, which became too costly when compared to the heat pipe solution. In addition, the ease of maintenance with the wrap-around heat pipe was also a major benefit for the customer. 

These heat pipes were factory-installed into three (3) large custom AHU's totaling 109,000 CFM. These AHU's serviced the salad dressing and processing lines of the facility. A 4-Row wrap-around heat pipe was used to achieve the humidity level requirements of the space. The economic analysis showed an estimated annual savings of $111,840 per year with a payback period of around 2 years! 


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*NEW* Case Study: Major Tampa Hospital

Recently Shipped - HPT Retrofits Three Large Factory-Installed Wrap-Around Heat Pipes

*Upcoming* Webinar - The Wonderful World of Heat Pipes

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